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Covid Catch Up Fund

The Government introduced a Covid Catch Up Fund for schools during Autumn 2020. More information can be found here: School have been allocated a fund of £10,480

To ensure the fund is used effectively, Stoneraise School has used the principles outlined by the Education Endowment Foundation, working on a tiered system of support. 

Baseline measuring: Cost £1493

We assessed all children upon full return to school using a scaled score assessment and compared children against a large national sample. the aim was to ensure we had a robust measure of where children were nationally and we could compare where they were 12months ago and use this as a starting point to devise a plan of what was needed to accelerate levels of learning to what had been lost during the Government forced closure of school. 

Online Learning Platforms: Cost £1539.50

School have used part of the fund to enable whole school learning to happen in Maths, Reading and Spelling, whilst in school and if school should need to close/partially close children can still access these resources.

Employ Classroom Teacher: Cost £7500

School have employed a part time teacher to work with targets groups of children for 2 full terms, focussing on core learning skills lost in maths and English during the national schools closure. Children selected we dependent on scaled scores comparisons with previous years. 

Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 14.35.07.png

Spending Impact.

School reviewed spending todate during the governors meeting (July 2021).  our part review is available here:

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