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Living and learning together to care for each other and our world.


At Stoneraise School we believe that sustainability isn’t just recycling and giving money to charity. It’s about thinking and working in a profoundly different way. Our children learn to value and care for each other in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. We promote creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork to find solutions that improve their lives, those of others around them and their environment.


Stoneraise School is deeply committed to its responsibility to promote and practise sustainable development by implementing the following approaches for the good of our children and our world:

  • Care and respect for ourselves, others and the environment.

  • Cooperation between school, home and the community.

  • Consistency and fairness in our values and expectations.

  • Challenge and support for all to reach their potential.

  • Value each child as an individual.

  • Opportunities for everyone to become confident leaders who reflect, innovate and create an exciting learning community.

  • Embrace the opportunities modern technologies offer for the benefit of all learners.

  • Make children aware of their impact on the environment and seek to empower them to make positive contributions, taking responsibility for their actions.

  • Allow children to express themselves creatively to dream, explore and discover.

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through informed choices.

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