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Child Protection and Safeguarding


Stoneraise School is committed to making our school a safe place for children to learn.


We take child protection seriously and work with several agencies to ensure that all of our children are safe. We have a robust Child Protection Policy, which is reviewed regularly. We are legally bound to take all disclosures seriously by children. Staff receive regular training in all aspects of child protection and safeguarding. 

Please click the following link to download our Child Protection Policy:


Child Protection Policy





Please click the following links to download our E-Safety Policy and Acceptable Use Agreement:

E-Safety Policy

Acceptable Use Agreement

Links to our children's E-Safety page can be found here.

Mobile Phone and Digital Images


Please click the following link to download our Mobile Phone and Camera Policy:

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

If you are a regular visitor to school or visiting for the first time, the following document is a helpful guide to being on site:

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