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Pupil E-Safety


We are constantly seeking to teach our children about how to stay safe online. As so much of 21st Century life is spent on the Internet, our children need to learn the skills to protect themselves when web browsing, using social media or playing games. During Computing lessons, circle times and during our annual Internet Safety Day, we use a programme called, ‘Be Internet Legends’ which has been designed by Google.

To find out more, please visit the following the 'Be Internet Legends' website by clicking here.

We also use the eAware programme to assess our children's understanding of how to stay safe online. Through regular workshops and sessions, alongside our annual Safer Internet Day, we aim to make online safety a top priority at Stoneraise School 

Why not have a go at the amazing Online game called Interland, which will teach you more about staying safe Online. Click on the laptop picture below:

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