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At Stoneraise School we are really proud of our outdoor area. Take a look at what we've got on our school grounds:

Eco Area
Pirate Ship
Outdoor Classroom
Adventure Trail
Playground - 1 of 3

There is lots to do in our outdoor space, with over 10 activities, each one with its own unique features. Here's some information about a few of them:

Pirate Ship: This is a awesome place for the younger ones to play, from the epic blue slide to the wobbly bridge. The steering wheel and flag are lovely aspects. There is always someone running around, having the time of their life on the ship.

MUGA: The MUGA has artificial grass with a large green fence surrounding it. You can play football, hula hooping and skipping - whatever you do, you will always be having fun.

Adventure Trail: The adventure is a great part of our school where you can run around, climbing before and after lessons.

Eco Area: The Eco Area is a green corner of our school where you can go to chill out with friends; some cool things about this are: bug houses, friendship swirl, bird houses, bird feeders, our pond and lots of lovely plants.

Pond: The pond is full of amazing wildlife from frogs to pond skaters. It is great for learning about wildlife; we have lots of equipment to go with it.

Written by children in Class Oak.

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