At Stoneraise School we feel strongly about the importance of good attendance. Often, this is reported in % form which can be misinterpreted. Below is an example of what they mean in real terms. 



We know that all children get poorly and need time off and after discussions with some parents, staff and children, we have decided to review our Attendance Policy to ensure it is fair for all children. 


From September 2018, children will receive a gold certificate for 100% attendance, a silver certificate for 97 – 99% attendance and there will also be a bronze certificate for improved attendance. These certificates will be given out at the end of Autumn, Spring and Summer Term. We will continue to give children a book token for 100% attendance for the whole year. 


The amended policy can be found on our website under Key Information. If you feel that attendance is an area of difficulty for you family and would like to talk through any issues please contact the school office to make an appointment to come and see me or email me at

Further information can be found in our Attendance Policy:


Stoneraise Attendance Policy