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Class Hazel

Daily Activities




20 minutes reading time - read your book and complete your Reading Record. Remember to do your Accelerated Reader quiz - click here.

Comprehension Activities (click each day to download the appropriate activity):







Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

(Click each day to download the appropriate activity):

Help for these activities can be found at BBC REVISEWISE








New home learning tasks will be set on 13th April. We will then be back in touch via email and updating class web pages regularly. 



Activity 1 - 20 minutes

Log in to Mathletics - click here.


Click 'Learn' at the top of the page (it will look like the image above). Select the suggested topic and complete at least 20 minutes learning time from within the topic.

Mon - Multiply and Divide Written

Tues - Multiply and Divide Written

Wed - Decimals and Percentages

Thurs - Decimals and Percentages

Frid - Problem Solving

Activity 2 - 20 minutes

Click 'Play' at the top of the page. 

Select the app 'Multiverse' and spend 20 minutes starting your mission.

Activity 3 - 20 minutes

Practise times tables for up to 20 minutes - click here

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Class Message Board

Hi everybody it's SG Hope everyone's ok x Missing you all so much hope we all get to see each other again xx.

 Hi everyone, I'm sorry I wasn't able to say bye to you all on Friday. I have missed seeing you this week but your singing videos on twitter really put a smile on my face! I will keep putting new home learning tasks on our class page each week, so have a go and try your best, as you always do. Keep smiling and I hope to see you all again soon. If any parents need to contact me feel free to send me an email.

Hello! Hope everyone is keeping well and busy with all the activities set by Mrs A! I’m sorry I’ve not been in school for a couple of weeks, but hopefully we will see each all soon. Take care of each other, Mrs Byrne

Well done everyone for logging on to the website. Take care - keep reading and on with Mathletics! Mr. Coady

Hi everyone , have lots of homework to do still (thanks to mum!). Missing seeing you all and our last few months together before secondary . Hope everyone is ok !! Love DH

Hope to see you soon!

Hi guys I haven’t seen you while and I wasn’t even there on Thursday too see you guys I miss you all a lot and I hope we get to see each other again. MC

 Heyo! I really wish I had had the chance to say bye to you all. Honestly I miss you all and even though we were wishing the schools would close I really wish it wasn't shut now. I seriously miss all of you and I really hope to see you all again soon -----LV

Hi guys I hope you are ok :} MS

Hi :) RG

Hiya everyone, I really miss you all and wanted the chance to say bye to everyone and good luck for the future if I don’t see you and I might see some of you around while we’re in secondary and I have some people phone number so good luck everyone MB 

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