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School Garden Project

At Stoneraise School we are committed to developing a school full of learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom. The School Garden Project started in September 2017, with the aim of all children planting and growing plants from seeds, to produce cut flowers and edible crops to cook and eat in school. Within the project we will be working closely with the RHS and trying to achieve the level 5 school gardening award.

Please look at the slide deck below to see our monthly progress in pictures.


The design of the Garden offers an easy gardening space to teach in, and maximises the space. A raised bed design was needed, as the strong root system from the hedge makes the area very dry. Raised beds also warm up earlier in spring time, which will be essential as we want to crop before the summer holidays. A final bonus of this design will be that raised beds will also stop children standing on the soil and compacting it! With strong and robust hard landscaping materials, should add longevitiy to the garden.  

September Letter
October Letter
March Letter

JOBS - March 2018:


Key jobs to be completed during March.

  • Plant out all soft fruit;

  • Complete bug house;

  • Plant out along fence line;

  • Start planting first seeds​.

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