House Groups

At Stoneraise School, the children are split into four House Groups: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. There are two House Captains for each group. The House Captains are elected every September by the children in their House Group. To take on this role, the children have to prepare a speech, explaining why they would be a good leader of their team. 

A child in Class Oak stated, "The extraordinary, awesome House Groups are a good way to make friends."

There are many roles of a House Captain, such as leading Sports Day, helping to organise House Point collection, delivering our Harvest to the Carlisle Food Bank, leading challenges (e.g. giant pumpkin growing, sweet pea planting), judging competitions and much more. It is great responsibility that our House Captains take very seriously; they wear their badges with pride!

One of our current House Captains said: "I was happy when I became a House Captain but I was also quite nervous because a great responsibility had been placed in my shoes!"

There are many ways that children can collect House Points; some easy, some hard. The easiest way is by being good and by doing good work (you can usually get 1-3 points). You might be given more if you do something extraordinary. If a child receives over 50 House Points, they will receive a special award in Merit Assembly - a Stoneraise School pencil! We also hold a House Group competition where the team with the largest number of House Points at the end of a term will have non-uniform day! 

One child said, "I felt absolutely amazed when we won."

We think that House Groups at Stoneraise work really well. They help to build teamwork and co-operation! There are probably things that we could improve to make the House Group system work better. We will team up with the School Council to develop this in the near future.

Written by children in Class Oak.

Who will win a non-uniform day at the end of each half term?