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Class Beech

Daily Activities


20 minutes reading time - read a book and complete your Reading Record. Discuss with an adult, what has happening, what you think will happen and/or your favourite part of the story.

Remember if you are in Year 2 to do your Accelerated Reader quiz - click here.

Oxford Owl - Free e-Books

Oxford Owl have very kindly given free access to their e-Book collection. You can choose books which are on your child's level. Click on the Oxford Owl logo below for instructions on how to create an account:

New home learning tasks will be set on 13th April. We will then be back in touch via email and updating class web pages regularly. 

Phonics Play

Phonics Play is a great website for helping the children to develop their knowledge of phonics to build words. During the coming weeks, they have offered their website free of charge for parents to use with their children. If you would like to create an account, please visit: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk

Junk Model Challenge

Why not have a go at building a junk model this week. If you send in photographs of your model, Mr. Webb will upload them to the bottom of this page of the website! (See gallery below.)

English Activities (click each day to download the appropriate activity):







Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 11.38.32.png



Activity 1 - 20 minutes

Log in to Mathletics by clicking here.

Click 'Learn' at the top of the page (it will look like the image above). Select the suggested topic and complete at least 20 minutes learning time from within the topic.

Year 1:

Monday - Number and Place Value Review

Tuesday - Comparing Numbers

Wednesday - Number and Place Value Review

Thursday - Addition and Subtraction

Friday - Problem Solving

Year 2:

Monday - Number and Place Value Counting

Tuesday - Add and Subtract (1)

Wednesday - Number and Place Value Counting

Thursday - Add and Subtract (1)

Friday - Problem Solving

Activity 2 - 20 minutes

Click 'Play' at the top of the page. 

Select the app 'Rainforest Maths' and spend 20 minutes starting your mission.

Activity 3 - 20 minutes

Practise times tables for up to 20 minutes - click here

2x 5x and 10x tables


Class Beech Gallery

Send any photographs of any work you've completed to Mr. Webb who will upload them a few times each week.